Message from our Executive Director

We are happy that you have taken your time to visit our website. We hope you will do so as often as possible. URSSI is the first of its kind of an NGO in Uganda, spearheading citizens’ efforts to build livable towns and urban areas in Uganda.

Our aim is to work with State and non-state actors to create healthier cities and towns with better infrastructure that are competitive, resilient, sustainable and pleasant to reside and work from. URSSI places a great deal of emphasis  on transportation planning  and specifically on roads  because of the importance fashioning interconnectedness  and crafting urban mobility, the essential principals of systematic urban growth .

Over the years, URSSI has to a considerable extent managed to bring to the forefront the consideration of urban planning that had previously been disregarded   by both government and the public at large. We pledge to keep the conversation going for many years to come until our cities get to the level we all desire.

Building livable cities is not an easy undertaking. It takes many years of concerted efforts to have decent cities. It takes endless strategizing, planning, negotiations, realigning and forecasting to have loftier metropolises.  To this end URSSI promises to continue to be the champion of this noble cause of transforming Uganda’s towns into the best they can be, while working with everyone that supports this exertion.

We thank our partners with whom we have worked since we embarked on this journey way back in 2009; the media, development partners, and government. It keeps us going to know that our work is appreciated and embraced by many. Together let’s make our cities proper places for working, living, interacting, investing, relaxing, visiting, and enjoying.

To you the reader, do not hesitate to contact us in case you need any information concerning our work.

Thank you once again for visiting our site



Mutabazi Sam Stewart

Executive Director