URSSI has promoted the centrality of urban planning and orderly town growth in Uganda for the last eight years.  Our approach has been to raise awareness among the populace about the importance of urban planning while providing technical and theoretical guidance to government on the best policy options that will help Uganda to achieve better results in urban development.  We strongly believe that young people should take lead in our long term campaigns to turn Uganda’s towns and cities into the ideal cities that most Ugandans aspire to live in.

Are you therefore a young, talented energetic and innovative person with a relevant University Degree? Are you passionate about Urban Development? We would love to hear from you. Write in confidence a two page story/opinion or article on a topic related to urban/ city planning, urban life, urban governance, Roads, Transportation, Sustainable Development, Road safety and anything related to city, town and urban development. We will scrutinize your write up. If it meets our minimum criteria, we will invite you for a discussion. Prospective young persons should be between the ages of 22-30 years. We also offer internships to highly qualified students. Send your write-ups with the subject of the email as Prospective Urban Innovator to: